About Us

Wisconsin Indoor Advertising was founded in 2015 by Luke Steffen and Stephen Windham. Our goal is to provide local, regional, and national businesses a cost-effective option for advertising in small to medium-sized cities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.


What We Do

We started this business because we saw the need for advertising options that were...

  • Affordable - Our  prices range from 12 to 20 dollars/ad/month depending on quantity purchased. When compared to traditional print and over-the-air media, our ads offer great value.
  • Simple - We have intentionally kept our pricing model simple. Running a business is complicated enough, buying advertising shouldn't be.
  • Effective - Our full color advertisements are read by a "captive audience," which results in higher ad recall. In fact a Barbour & Monroe survey found that 88% of viewers could name at least four selling points in the ad, 80% surveyed said that the ads were more noticeable than ads appearing in other media, and 92.5% were able to name specific advertisers without prompting.