What We Do


Wisconsin Indoor Advertising places advertisements in the restrooms of restaurants, fitness centers, and other high traffic venues.

We place our framed indoor billboards at eye level above urinals, behind stall doors, by bathroom mirrors, and near hand dryers. And guess what? It works.


Why It Works


It's Hard to Miss

With 9 out of 10 people avoiding eye contact in public restrooms we can virtually guarantee that your ad will be read.



It's Captivating

Our ads are read for 30-120 seconds on average. Does your average billboard do that?


It's Inexpensive

Our full color advertisements are highly affordable when compared to traditional advertising mediums. 


What People Are Saying

“People are looking for something new that’s targeted and attention grabbing. This is the way to do it.”
— The Wall Street Journal
“This is the only place in the world people stand in line to read the advertising. ”
— The Boston Globe
“Now Madison Avenue has invaded the restroom. It’s surprising nobody has thought of it before.”
— Newsweek



$148 / mo

  • 8 ads
  • $18.50 / ad


$192 / mo

  • 12 ads
  • $16 / ad


$224 / mo

  • 16 ads
  • $14 / ad

The above pricing is based on a 6 month ad purchase.  A 15% discount is given on the above pricing for a 12 month ad purchase.


Need additional ad space? 

Let us know and we can help you create a customized ad campaign.  Check out our Pricing Page for more details.


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